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  • Election 2022: Your Vote Matters

  • Creating a vibrant, successful community requires leadership and the engagement of individuals and organizations from all sectors of the community.    Under our system of government, we get the chance every few years to elect individuals to represent us in setting policy and making decisions about how our shared resources are put to work on our behalf.

    The Chamber believes that communities which prioritize economic vitality thrive.   When local businesses grow and succeed, they provide jobs and wages.   They also generate the tax and charitable revenues which allow our public and non-profit institutions to work on issues that improve the quality of life for all.

    This November, voters in Santa Maria will have the opportunity to vote for members of the City Council, state legislature, school boards, and many other public decision making bodies.   We strongly encourage all eligible voters to take advantage of that right.   We also encourage those who are going to vote to get educated about the issues as well as the candidates and their approach to coming up with solutions.

    As one tool in that process, we're pleased to share the content on this page.   In particular, the Chamber developed a series of questions for the City Council and State Assembly races and asked the candidates to share their ideas and approaches.   Their answers are available for comparison using the links below.

    Finally, we've collected links to resources that can be helpful in making sure you are able - and ready - to vote this year!