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    With over 30 years of experience, Advanced Wireless provides wireless communications and rural Internet services for our customers throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, along California’s Central Coast region. We specialize in high speed internet access for rural homes and businesses that may not otherwise have an option for a dependable internet connection.

    We offer affordable pricing on a wide range of communications and technology services, including rural internet options for our customers who may otherwise experience slow dial-up or satellite connections, or be left with no other options at all.

    We place a premium on stellar customer service. We rely heavily on our positive reviews and word of mouth to sustain our growing business. This is why we pride ourselves on providing the best possible friendly and informative customer service. We take the time to under our customers needs and provide the right solution for each case.

    If you are looking for internet for your rural residential or business location, contact us today!


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    Portable Surveillance Cameras
    Air Fiber Installation
    Camera Tree
    Air Fiber
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    Weather/Frost detector install
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