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Getting Started

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    Poor Richard's Press


    PrintingGraphic DesignWeb DesignPromotionMarketingMailing ServiceAdvertisingSign CompaniesConsultingCommunicationsInternet MarketingScreen printing

    About Us

    Poor Richard’s Press has been the local Central Coast print company since 1947. As your business needs have grown, so have we. Today, with nearly seventy years of experience in the printing industry, we have evolved to offer you a full line of dynamic services under one roof. With our team of talented designers, customer service rock stars, pre-media specialists, knowledgeable consultants, and highly skilled machinery operators, we offer more than just ink on paper. From concept to creation, our design, print, mail, apparel, and web services help you to reach your audience. We want to serve you by doing more than printing your message – we want to help you communicate.


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