• 3CE is Seeking a Web Developer to Program and Implement an Online Customer Rate Calculator and Support Services

    Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is seeking a Web Developer to program and implement an Online Customer Rate Calculator and Support Services (“Services”) to support customer service, rate transparency and the transition to Cost of Service rates. The online applications should be built on a web-based platform that can be linked to our website or supported by our own WordPress website. 3CE expects the Vendor to perform the related professional services (e.g., best practices guidance, training, project management, implementation, integration, and report development) in a timely and professional manner. The desire is to allow 3CE customers, call center representatives and 3CE associates to use the online calculator to provide customers with a comparison of their eligible rates highlighting which would be most cost-effective for their energy use.

    Proposals must be submitted per RFQ guidelines by 5pm on March 24, 2021. RFQ and supporting documents may be found at https://3cenergy.org/current_requests_for/calculator-development-rfq/

    Timeline below: