• Allan Hancock College Career Center Benefits Students, Businesses and Beyond

    The Allan Hancock College Career Center is your post-secondary career readiness partner.  Located in the Student Services building at the Santa Maria campus, the Career Center is home to many programs and services that connect high school and college age students with career readiness training and opportunities.  Equipped with a computer lab, mock interview room and a career closet, the Career Center employs a team of Faculty Counselors, Career Readiness Specialists and Student Assistants.  

    “If you are a new student or a student in transition and need career assistance, our Career Counselors will guide, mentor and assist you throughout your journey,” explained Thomas Lamica, Project Director at the Career Center. “We’ll assist you with career assessments, industry tests, personality inventories and student education plans.  Our Counselors facilitate professional development courses, career readiness workshops and career connect presentations.  Stop by, email or call the Career Center to set up a time to meet with a Career Counselor.”

    The open computer lab, mock interview room and career closet are open daily and primarily frequented by AHC students, high school students and alumni.  Resume, cover Letter and interview preparation assistance is offered daily.  Student Assistants are available to assist you with your career related needs.  Armed with excellent customer service in a relaxed environment, the Career Center staff provide a coffee house like atmosphere for students to progress during their career journey.

    Our team of Career Readiness Specialists provide world class Career Readiness programs.  We believe all high school and college aged students must be exposed to relevant work experience outside of the classroom.  The Career Center Cooperative Work Experience courses connect students with industry.  Students have the opportunity to earn transfer level credits while working in paid and or unpaid positions in their chosen career field.  

    One of the many local businesses who have participated in this program is Rabobank of Santa Maria. 

    “I am happy to share that the students demonstrated outstanding leadership skills,” said Susan Appel, Assistant Vice President and Associate Project Manager for Rabobank. “Not only did they prepare and present in a professional manner, but they also welcomed constructive feedback with an open and eager attitude! Thank you for the opportunity to share in their journey.”

    Hancock Handshake hiring events allow local industry partners to interview and hire AHC students for vacant positions within their organization.  Our specialists work directly with CTE faculty and industry representatives to identify interested, qualified students seeking employment.  Refer to the Career Center calendar for upcoming events.  The Career Readiness Academy is 12 week (25 hour) intense career preparation course designed to provide student workers with professional development.  CRA is offered face to face in a small group cohort model once a week during the fall and spring semesters.  

    The Career Center is a proud member of Skills USA in providing a leadership student club open to high school and college aged students.  The club meets twice a month and students have the opportunity to compete in local, regional, state and national leadership competitions. The Skills USA club builds students to become Champions at Work.  Career Center Specialists work directly with faculty, industry partners and volunteers advisors to support Skills USA student competitors.  

    The Career Center is also home to all K-12 Partnerships including Concurrent Enrollment, Articulation, College Now and CTE Junior Day.  Each of these programs is designed to increase college access for high school students.  These programs allow high school students to enroll in AHC in order to take college courses on their high school campuses as well as at AHC face to face and online.  Our K-12 partnership collaborations continues to seek innovative approaches that allow college credit opportunities for eligible students.  Interested students should check with their high school to to learn more about early college credit options.

    This fall, the Career Center is excited to unveil Jobspeaker, a state of the art, comprehensive career management portal for students, faculty and employers.  Jobspeaker connects stakeholders with career opportunities, training and special events.  Innovative technologies and resources like Jobspeaker are helping to change the odds for students.  The Career Center also hosts several special events during the year including:  Career Exploration Week, Career Readiness Activities Camp for middle school students, High School Leadership Camp and All Hands on Deck customer service training.

    Cooper Wood, who participated in the Leadership Camp, said the experience was positive and beneficial. “I liked the group activities it really helped with patience skills along with leadership when we had to lead out group to do certain tasks,” Wood said. “The program also taught me great communication skills so I can effectively communicate with people and accept all ideas. All in all it was a great camp and was really worth the time.”

    As your career readiness partner, The Career Center team continues its mission to assist youth with its vast array of services available. The Career Center also looks forward to developing strong, lasting relationships with our community organizations and our Santa Maria Valley leaders.  Please Contact the Career Center Project Director, Thomas Lamica at thomas.lamica@hancockcollege.edu for more information.