• Business Alert: Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

    As you have likely seen in the news, ransomware attacks continue to be on the rise both nationally and locally.  Even when the attacked businesses have been able to reset their systems without paying the actual ransom, they still experienced significant interruptions in their operations and costs for staff and consultants to rebuild their files.   All businesses are vulnerable to these attacks if you do not take the proper precautions to secure your data.  


    We encourage our local business community to remain diligent and review your security with qualified IT professionals. Additionally, make sure your staff is educated on recognizing spam emails and they receive training on what to look for to identify whether an email is legitimate or spam. 


    In a recent article for the Santa Maria Times, CIO Solutions explains:


    “Organizations today have more applications, more variability in devices, and less consistency than ever before. More factors (applications, devices, etc.) and less control equals more surface area for threats. With this loss of control, there are risks that IT may not even be aware of and can’t mitigate. To top off the expanded risk and lack of control, there is also a growing imbalance between our dependency on technology and how we secure it.”


    You can read their full article, including tips on how to better secure your business from ransomware attacks, at this link.


    Additional information on how to take preventative measures against ransomware attacks can be found in a recent webinar the Chamber hosted with CIO Solutions, “The unsettling reality of cybersecurity risk in 2021 - and what you can do about it!”. The full recording of this webinar can be found here.


    By educating yourselves and your staff on the risks of ransomware and taking preventative measures now, you will decrease the likelihood of your business becoming a victim of a cybersecurity attack. With these digital attacks on the rise, now is the time to take action to keep your business and your data safe.