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  • Call Krista: 2019 a Year in Review, is the Real Estate Market Going to go Down?

    Tracking trends and understanding what is happening in our local area is more important to understand our home values compared to what is happening in the United States. Locally on the California Central Coast, we are not seeing the same market shifts as other parts of the country and even potential other areas of California. In Northern Santa Barbara County and in Southern San Luis Obispo County area, the prices for single family homes continued to go up overall.  The number of homes reported sold in our MLS system went down slightly which could be an indicator of why our prices increased. 

    Another indicator for value is the rental market and what people are willing and able to pay in rent.  We have seen an increase in what we can charge in rents and a decrease of homes available to rent. A strong job market and a push in keeping jobs local also assists in keeping our Central Coast economy strong.  Yes paying attention to happenings nationally is important and should be considered, however, getting sound local input is imperative to make educated decisions.

    If you would like to have an individual discussion about your home, its current value and ways to gain additional value, send a quick text 805-620-7355!  Let’s Chat.

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