• CASA: 15,978 cookies!

    Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, families have been under more financial and emotional stress, which historically can fuel a rise in child abuse and neglect cases. At the same time, children were not in the public eye at schools or daycare, the doctor’s office, church, or other locations where caring individuals may be able to spot signs of abuse and neglect.

    During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, CASA of Santa Barbara County reminds everyone to keep their eyes on children during these challenging times. Prevention is key to limiting instances of child abuse.

    Unfortunately, each year, nearly 700 children in Santa Barbara County experience abuse or neglect so severe that it ushers them into the dependency court and foster care systems. A child in foster care who faced physical, psychological, and emotional trauma may then endure long periods of uncertainty in the system. These are confusing times for children – systems are not designed to raise children. Families are.

    Can you imagine not knowing if you will be going home, getting adopted, or sadly – just waiting to see what happens next?

    The chaos and inconsistency experienced by children in the child welfare system can have long-term effects. But having a caring, consistent adult – someone who listens, checks in, and puts the child’s best interests before all others’ – can make all the difference.

    We are grateful every day for the hundreds of CASA volunteers who remained committed to providing best-interest advocacy for children, even as we all worried about ourselves, our family, friends, and neighbors during the pandemic.

    Thank you for caring about our kids,

    Kim Colby Davis
    Executive Director