• CASA: We <3 Ducks!

    How does a duck start an email to it's favorite peeps?


    (pause for laughter....)

    What is with all the ducks, duck video's, duck interviews, and duck emails?

    I explain a little bit about it in this video - but did you know that there are extra benefits to our ducks? 
    At some point in life we all face problems and have to overcome them. 

    But what do you do when you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working?

    Talk to your duck !

    Quacking the Code
    Talking to a rubber duck is an activity you might find a programmer doing when they’re trying to debug some code. The theory goes that talking out loud about the issue can help solve it. Programmers realised talking to a non-programmer was just as useful as talking to someone who understood the issue, so they replaced non-programmers with rubber ducks. Now programmers tell their rubber ducks what the code they’re working on is supposed to do and what it is currently doing to work out where it went wrong and how to fix it.

    Dr. Quack, LCSW
    Others have found that talking to a rubber ducky works when you feel annoyed, afraid, or unsure what to do.

    Author and professor Dr Loretta Bruening explains that the words we choose are part of our overall thought process and talking out loud can help us find different solutions we haven’t previously thought of. She says: “It works because when you talk to the rubber ducky on your desk, you have to connect words to your thought patterns. Doing this forces different regions in your brain to work together, and you’ll be able to come up with new ‘templates’ instead of relying on your old ones.”

    There you have it - it's all about the kids!
    Long story short - Rubber Ducky's are helping us solve problems right now at CASA by giving us some comic relief while we raise funds to support advocacy for children in our community. Thank you to everyone who is engaged in our efforts: laughing at our funny duck videos, interviewing with Foster the Duck, forming their own Duckraising team to help us reach our goals, or adopting ducks. Each $5 duck adoption gets us closer to our goal! Do you have your ducks in a row? (or in the race?).

    Adopt a Duck, Change a Child's Story
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