• Census Rural Week of Action - Aug. 2-8

    April 1st was Census Day – but the Census is still on going on and the time to respond is now.  People who have not responded can still respond by Internet, phone and by mail.  

    During the week of August 2-8, we want Rural America to say in with one voice:  It is Time to Be Counted!  The more people are encouraged, the more people respond to the 2020 Census!  

    Please help help us spread the message - the 2020 Census is taking place and it is important for Rural America to be counted!  

    Your organization can help promote the 2020 Census on social media, to your employees and to those they serve in rural communities across our nation with the following message:

    “It’s time to #ShapeYourFuture, Respond Now to the #2020Census! Ways to respond include online, by phone or if applicable, via the paper questionnaire with unique ID that was mailed or sent to your home.” 

    Over the last few months, like the rest of the nation, the Census Bureau has had to change, adapt, and pivot how we engage with people living in the United State and its territories. Although we have had to make changes, our mission remains the same:   Count EVERYONE once, only once, and in the right place.  

    Everyone Counts, and we are asking you to help us share this message within your agency in the manner you deem most appropriate.   

    It is important to count EVERYONE in our rural communities! For example, you can share in the message to local radio, newsletters, bulletin boards, local newspapers, marquees, PSAs, YouTube, flyers, and/or email, and social media – anywhere you deem fit!   Please be sure to include the #ShapeYourFuture and the #2020Census hashtag in your social media messaging! 
    There are some great resources, short videos and radio messages, in English and in Spanish, including one with farmworker community messaging that includes indigenous and other members of the community. Check out our Help Your Community Count. 

    Let’s get EVERYONE counted in the 2020 Census!