• Chamber Ambassador Committee Welcomes New Leadership

    The Chamber Ambassador Committee has a long history of serving as the public relations arm of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber. Ambassadors help the Chamber by promoting the benefits of Chamber membership to the community, as well as volunteering at Chamber events, serving on the welcoming committee for new Chamber members, and more. Chamber Ambassadors play a critical role in helping the Chamber as well as the local business community as a whole.

    Recently, changes were made to the Ambassador Committee to help the committee better serve the local community. These changes included setting term limits on leadership in the organization. As a result, the Chamber Ambassadors recently celebrated the impressive 15 year run Erika Weber served as the Chief Ambassador for the committee, and welcomed in Diana Moffitt as the new Chief Ambassador. 

    Moffitt, who has been an Ambassador for two years, says she is excited to be the new leadership for the committee. “I had a strong interest to improve the Ambassador Committee’s effectiveness in the community and I am passionate about the Ambassador Committee’s mission,” Moffitt explained.

    Weber, who has served in the Chief Ambassador role for 15 years, said she was ready to pass on the leadership role to someone new, and saw Moffitt as a natural fit. 

    “As soon as Diana joined the Ambassador Committee, I noticed her natural ability for leadership and her keen perspective for noticing areas ripe for improvement,” Weber explained. “The light bulb came on! Here would be a great Chief Ambassador. The only advice I have for Diana is to have fun and enjoy the many personalities and talents of the committee members.”

    Weber knows those personalities well. Leading the Ambassador committee for 15 years, Weber has been instrumental in growing the volunteer group, and making changes to help keep Ambassadors engaged an interested in helping the Chamber and local community.

    “As the committee evolved, I noticed participation waning,” Weber said. “In an effort to add new life to the committee, we revamped the requirements for membership. Working closely with the Chamber and my assistant Chief, Diana Moffitt, we created new guidelines and minimum participation requirements. We have breathed new life into the Ambassador Committee. Our long time members are more engaged and we are attracting new members that are passionate about our purpose.”

    Moffitt, who helped make these improvements to the committee, has additional goals during her time as Chief Ambassador. 

    “This year, my goal is to start a Digital Ambassador Committee,” Moffitt said. “I want to have better reach with improved social media presence for all SMV Chamber Networking events. We know this is the best way to reach our current Chamber members, as well as, those businesses who have not yet joined.”

    Moffitt and Weber both agree that the best part of being an Ambassador is the connections you make, both within the committee and out in the community as well. 

    “I enjoy the networking opportunities I have as an Ambassador. It has benefited me and my business because of the connections I have made in the Ambassador Committee and attending Chamber Networking events as an Ambassador gives me higher visibility.,” Moffitt said. “I have had an opportunity to get warm introductions and work with business owners and community members I wouldn’t otherwise have met.”

    Weber says that after 15 years in the leadership position, she knew it was time to pass the reigns on to someone who seemed motivated and excited to continue moving the Ambassador committee forward. Weber says she looks forward to continuing to serve the community as an Ambassador, and encourages others to do the same.

    “For anyone that wants to know what’s going on in our community, that values the opportunity of networking and loves being a part of the generous spirit that defines the Santa Maria Valley, this is the group for you,” Weber said. “I have enjoyed every minute of my experience as Chief Ambassador. My decision to step down was simple;  the spirit of rotation and to give the next generation an opportunity to experience a leadership role as rewarding as this one.”

    “I would encourage others to join the Ambassador Committee if they are motivated, thrive on connecting others in business, and looking for ways to increase networking opportunities in the Santa Maria Valley,” Moffitt said.  “You get out of it what you put into it and it is WORTH IT!”

    If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved in the Ambassador Committee, contact Chief Ambassador Diana Moffitt at DMoffitt@MorrisGarritano.com.