• Chamber Joins 100-plus Organizations in Opposing AB1400 and ACA11

    The Santa Maria Valley Chamber partnered with the California Chamber of Commerce and other organizations are OPPOSED to AB 1400 (Kalra, Lee, and Santiago) as amended on January 24, 2022, and ACA 11 (Kalra and Lee) as introduced on January 5, 2022, as JOB KILLERS, as the bills would create a new and exorbitantly expensive government bureaucracy, which would control and finance a state-run health care system (CalCare), ultimately resulting in significant job loss to California. Similar proposals in the past have been estimated to annually cost more than $400 billion (see SB 562 (Lara), 2017 Senate Floor analysis), which is a financial commitment four times that of Medi Cal. Successfully standing up a new function that would be twice the size of the existing state budget is highly doubtful, given the state’s recent experience with benefit delays and massive fraud in the unemployment system. The crippling tax increases required to pay for this massive new bureaucracy could be as much as $200 billion annually and would be increased in the future by a simple majority of the Legislature.

    The letter written in opposition of to AB 1400 (Kalra, Lee, and Santiago) may be found here.