• COVID-19 Energy Saving Recommendations for Businesses and Services

    Many businesses and services have buildings that are either closed to the public or have limited staff due to COVID-19. During this time, it is important to reduce non-essential energy use and associated energy costs.
    Here are recommendations from PG&E and Southern California Gas Company to limit the use and expense of energy until normalcy returns.
    1. In buildings that are closed to the public and are unstaffed:
        • Set boilers and water heaters to the lowest setting.
        • Turn off HVAC systems.
        • Clean and unplug refrigerators and other appliances.
        • Turn off computers and office equipment.
        • Make sure lighting and equipment that are set by timers are appropriately     adjusted.
        • Verify that windows and vents are closed.
        • Set landscaping and watering to lowest levels.
    2. In buildings that remain open with a small, essential staff:
        • Turn off appliances and computer equipment in areas that are not in use.
        • Where possible, consolidate staff and building use to one floor or one area.
        • Limit the use of offices, lighting and restrooms to the consolidated areas.
        • Where possible, limit staff and building access to limited hours.
    By incorporating these recommended steps, energy use and associated energy costs will be reduced for businesses and services until normalcy returns.
    Please also refer to these links provided by PG&E and Southern California Gas for additional information:
        • Southern California Gas- https://www.socalgas.com/coronavirus
    For additional Energy Watch Partnership information, contact:
        • Glenn Morris glenn@santamaria.com  (805) 925-2403 x 825
        • Or Dave Cross dave@santamaria.com  (805) 680-5016