• Dignity Health Cancer Care Nurse Navigators Transition to Virtual Patient Care during Pandemic

    CENTRAL COAST, CA – October 8, 2020 – The Dignity Health Cancer Care oncology nurse navigators, Gloria Caine, RN, Carol Dichmann, RN, BNS, and Julie Neiggemann, RN, MSN, are playing an integral role in the care of patients undergoing cancer treatment during COVID-19. The pandemic has affected and altered how the cancer centers responds to patients by transitioning to a virtual platform for communication and support.

    “When COVID-19 began, an initial challenge for us was how to connect with our patients. No one should face cancer alone, so we wanted to be there for them,” said Gloria Caine, RN, Oncology Nurse Navigator at French Hospital Medical Center’s Hearst Cancer Resource Center. 

    While this pandemic has brought a sense of uncertainty, one thing remains constant—our nurse navigator’s dedication to serving the needs of cancer patients. 

    “To most effectively connect with our patients, we implemented a virtual platform for support groups and customized consultations. We want care to remain seamless, as this is integral to the overall healing and care of the patient, says Julie Neiggemann, RN, MSN, Oncology Nurse Navigator, Mission Hope Cancer Center.”

    Dignity Health hospitals are the only on the Central Coast that offer the Nurse Navigator program. When a patient receives a breast cancer diagnosis, it is vital to coordinate all care aspects quickly. Our highly-skilled navigator guides patients and their families through a cancer journey, serving as an essential source of information and support. Our highly skilled nurse navigators are available at no cost to our patients and can: 

    • Help patients understand a cancer diagnosis and treatment options 
    • Coordinate communication between patients and their health care team 
    • Inform patients and their families about financial counseling, clinical trials, genetic counseling, and other resources 
    • Help patients and their families connect with our many programs as well as community services 

    To reach a nurse navigator at each of our locations, call:

    Hearst Cancer Resource Center, Gloria Caine – (805) 542-6234
    Mission Hope Cancer Center, Arroyo Grande, Carol Dichmann – (805) 474-5302
    Mission Hope Cancer Center, Julie Neiggemann – (805) 346-6234

    For more information about Dignity Health Cancer Care and the nurse navigator program, click here.