• Distributed Energy Resources: Microgrids, Reliability, And Resiliency

    Learn how Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are utilized in microgrids or behind-the-meter that can help provide power, heat, or chilling for reliability and resiliency.
    This seminar will focus on Microgrids and the role of natural gas fueled DER technologies that provide reliability, resiliency and energy cost reductions. Get information on technology developments and learn what steps to take in order to implement your own Microgrid or particular application of DER including Combined Heat & Power (CHP). 

    Hear about the impacts of state policies on Microgrids and onsite power generation, as well as real-life customer testimonials that include Microgrids or onsite power generation. 

    SoCalGas® is offering this webinar as part of our ongoing commitment to provide our business customers with exceptional service and to promote energy efficiency.

    • Commercial and Industrial Customers
    • Building Owners
    • Municipalities
    • Facility Managers
    • CFOs and CEOs
    • Engine Service/Maintenance Staff
    • Contractors
    • Energy Managers

    Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2643118610212766735