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  • Don’t Quit, Overcome: SCORE's Tips for Entrepreneurs to make 2019 a Year of Success!

    Businesses and entrepreneurs alike sometimes face days where we feel like quitting. In the new year, make perseverance your goal for 2019. Don’t quit, overcome! Use these recommendations to keep going and drive your business  towards success.
    One: Establish a Routine
    We plan to fail when we fail to plan. This includes your daily plan of action or routine.  A regular routine for your workdays will keep you centered, focused, on task and should include:
    • Normal work hours. Choose when you work best, mornings, evenings, whenever.
    • Morning routines - breakfast, shower, coffee, exercise, etc.
    • Personal time - time for taking care of you, physically, mentally and emotionally.
    • Diet and Exercise - staying healthy is important for you and your business.
    Two: Mornings are Your Friend
    As part of your regular routine, spend time each morning getting centered and focused for the day ahead. Even just 10 minutes of meditation can help you settle in and prepare for what lies ahead. Especially on days when you wake up and feel like quitting, pushing that aside and settling down through meditation can help you get started on a productive day.
    Three: Identify Your WHY
    Knowing your purpose and goals as an entrepreneur can provide necessary motivation when difficulties arise. It is often not just about money. There are always intangible reasons that compel us to do what we do without quitting. Keep your WHY in a prominent place where you can see it and reflect on it often.
    Four: Recognize Small Wins
    Every positive step forward is a win for you as an entrepreneur. It may be a long time before you reach your financial or other large goals, and you must celebrate every milestone along the way. Celebrating is an important part of motivation, so do it as often as possible.
    Five: Keep a Gratitude Journal
    A gratitude journal is a great way to record small and large wins for later reflection. Be thankful for every small win, every generous person, every lesson learned, and write them down. Browsing through this journal can show you why you chose to be an entrepreneur.
    Six: Sleep
    Burning the candle at both ends only uses up the candle faster. Allot yourself adequate hours of sleep, and block out that time as if it were an important appointment. It is.
    Seven: Written Goals and Milestones
    Write out your long and short-term goals. Identify milestones along the way so you can measure progress. Planning is the first part of success. Along with your written goals and milestones, write down how you will celebrate each.
    Eight: Find a Mentor
    No person is an island. And no entrepreneur has all the answers. Establish a relationship with a mentor, or with a few. People familiar with the struggles of entrepreneurship can provide insight, encouragement, advice, and a kick in the pants.
    Nine: Hang Out with Your Peeps
    Look around for a local entrepreneur meetup group, entrepreneurial mastermind, or book club and become a joiner. Interact with these others and share with them. The fellowship together over a common outlook is great for your mind and soul, and you can learn much from others.
    Ten: Have a Recovery Practice
    What will you do when you fall down? Put these in place before you need them: affirmations, listen to music that inspires, read testimonials you have received, reflect on your gratitude journal, go see your mentor. Get out of the house, and do something for YOU. Have a plan to help you get back on your feet.
    Our world needs more entrepreneurs. It needs you. Above all, don’t quit!

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