• EconAlliance: Congratulations to the City of Guadalupe

    EconAlliance would like to congratulate the City of Guadalupe for its amazing opportunity to be on the short list for an awesome citywide T-Mobile “tech makeover”! The winner will likely be the town that gets the word out the most.

    Please join us in trying to help raise Guadalupe’s profile and chances by reading the email below and posting items asap as directed! Here is a link to the original announcement that the City was one of the 10 finalists:
    Here’s the entry video, with special thanks to Amairany Jaimes for kindly sharing her insights while at Guadalupe Café where she works.
    Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/543361393
    This is the link to the local article, and the event on Thursday at Guadalupe Cafe:

    The video entry and pictures that accompany this e-mail were made by Teresa Young (who will be called henceforth: the Instigator).  Teresa is the founder of BRIGET (Brilliant Innovations for Growing Extraordinary Towns – www.briget.org) and has been involved in Guadalupe’s efforts to expand broadband, amongst other projects that highlight Guadalupe’s bright future.  Guadalupe Business Association has posted the T-Mobile Hometown Techover flyer on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/GuadalupeBusinessAssociaiton) and Instagram (@visitguad).  If you share from either source using the hashtag below, T-Mobile will be able to see how much we care about our local communities!

    When you post, a thank you to T-Mobile won't hurt!  Here are the # and @ to use:
    #HometownTechover   (every post should include this hashtag)
    Instagram: @jon_freier
    Twitter: @JonFreier
    Facebook: @JonFreier.TMo
    LinkedIn: Jon Freier

    We’ll be sending a similar email to our 2000 EconAlliance contacts in the next couple of days and urge you to do the same!
    Thank you – let’s all work together to support the City of Guadalupe and make this happen! Kudos to Teresa as “the Instigator” and all those involved!