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  • Employee Housing Ordinance (Includes Farmworker Housing)

    July 26, 2019
    Employee Housing Ordinance (includes farmworker housing)

    Recognizing the lack of affordable housing supply for farmworkers, and the concerns of neighborhood residents, the Santa Maria City Council adopted new Municipal Code requirements for Employee Housing, which are now in effect. The purpose of the requirements is to ensure that the Employee Housing does not have significant negative impacts to the neighborhoods where they are established.   

    The California Health and Safety Code mandates that Employee Housing of six or fewer employees in a unit is permitted in residential zones. Therefore the City’s newly adopted Employee Housing provisions only apply to those facilities where seven or more employees will reside in a unit.  Zoning Code Chapter 12-54 provides the full list of definitions, provisions, and performance standards for Employee Housing. 

    Before a new employee housing may be established within the Single Family Residential (R-1) zone, the property owner or operator must first apply for and receive approval of Conditional Use Permit through the Community Development Department, which could take approximately four to six months.  

    Operators of new employee housing within a Multi-Family Residential zone (R-2 or R-3) must file a statement of acknowledgment form with the Community Development Department within thirty (30) days of acquiring new properties proposed for Employee Housing use. This is an over-the-counter process.  

    Owners and/or operators of existing employee housing unit(s) in any residential zone shall apply for a ministerial employee housing certificate prior to December 13, 2019, using the statement of acknowledgment form.  

    Please see the Acknowledgement Form, the Frequently Asked Questions, and Zoning Code Chapter 12-54 for additional information. Questions regarding the Employee Housing regulations, and to confirm the zoning of property, may be directed to Frank Albro with the Planning Division at (805) 925-0951 extension 2244.  

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