• Energy Upgrade California: Small Business Digital Kit

    Energy Upgrade California have been developing a digital kit with useful tips and links for small businesses. The digital kit includes energy efficiency tips and resources to businesses through social media to help them lower their operational costs during this difficult time. Additionally, included below is a link to a great video for social media on how we can support one another through this public health crisis.

    For small businesses like yours, the COVID-19 pandemic is posing unique challenges. Small businesses across California and the country are facing financial hardships like never before.

    One way to trim down costs as much as possible during this challenging time is to perform an energy audit at your place of business. Even saving small amounts of energy can help reduce utility bills at a time when every penny counts. The audit below details areas of your business where you might consider making easy adjustments. You can also use the links found in the digital kit below to find more resources from energy providers on how to save energy and money.

    Small Business Kit may be found HERE