• Energy Upgrade California: Small Business Digital Toolkit

    The Energy Upgrade California® team is incredibly grateful for your continued hard work during this challenging time. Without groups like yours, our communities and businesses would be lacking key resources and support as they face the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Energy Upgrade California has put together this toolkit to help you communicate and aid the small businesses within your membership.

    The toolkit includes: 

    • A small business energy audit that individuals can perform at their place of business
    • A fact sheet and food service tip sheet businesses can reference
    • Social media posts for you to use to encourage your membership to save energy
    • A list of energy heroes in the California community that we all can look to for inspiration
    • A resource sheet with helpful tips and links that business leaders can share with their employees to help save energy
    As a community-based organization that works closely with the small businesses in and around your community, we hope you can distribute the tools within this packet to help support small businesses during COVID-19. These resources can be used to help businesses better manage their energy use and save on utility bills. Additionally, we recommend all small businesses reach out to their energy provider for information about energy use during the pandemic.

    Thank you again for all your hard work during this challenging time. California is lucky to have you! You can download any of these materials at www.energyupgradecacommunity.org. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

    The Energy Upgrade California Team

    You may view and download the toolkit HERE