• Energy Watch Partnership assists SM Tire Retread Facility and Eco-Wine Furniture

    SM Tire reached out to the Santa Barbara County Energy Watch Partnership, a program administered by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, for a lighting upgrade in its Santa Maria retread facility. At the retread location, SM Tire uses state-of-the-art machines and technology to apply rubber to tires and extend the life of their use. From industrial-sized fleet truck tires to specialized tires for large equipment, SM Tire serves the entire Central Coast region and provides a practical solution to prolonging the use of tires, keeping them out of the landfill.

    The commercial building owned by SM Tire also houses Eco-Wine Furniture, a company that specializes in the re-use of wooden wine barrels. Many of the barrels are used to create unique furniture, such as tables and stools. 

    Staples Energy, the official Partnership contractor for PG&E’s Direct Install program, did the retrofit work on the facility, converting old-style fluorescent tubing fixtures to energy efficient LED fixtures. Fast and efficient, the crew from Staples Energy was able to complete the work in about a day and a half.

    The results are striking and effective. Light that once had a yellowish tint with dark shadows is replaced by brighter, LED lighting that is comparable to daylight. Besides the obvious benefit of reducing energy use and operational costs, the lighting upgrades provides technicians with a better, cleaner view of equipment, tools, and machinery. 

    Since 2009, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce has been in charge of the Energy Watch Partnership, a program funded by PG&E and Southern California Gas, and has completed nearly 500 projects in northern Santa Barbara County during that time. These projects include businesses, agencies, and municipal buildings in the County of Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Guadalupe, Buellton and Solvang. Assistance through the Partnership has also reached rural areas in northern Santa Barbara County, including Cuyama, Sisquoc, and Casmalia. 

    To participate in the Partnership for energy upgrade opportunities, contact Dave Cross, the Program Manager, at 805-680-5016, or email at dcross@impulse.net.