• Foodbank of Santa Barbara County: Updates on COVID-19

    About COVID-19
    The Foodbank is Prepared

    The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is actively preparing to ensure the nutritional health of all residents of Santa Barbara County as widespread safety measures and a likely outbreak of COVID-19 take place in our communities.

    Guided by our Disaster Feeding Plan, which was developed in partnership with professional disaster and emergency response agencies, we are prepared to increase food distributions and limit contact and implement social distancing, in addition to our usual food safety and sanitation procedures. 

    How to Prevent Cornoavirus from Spreading

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    Local updates and recommendations regarding COVID-19 are available from the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
    Who Needs Help

    • Our local senior population, who is especially vulnerable to the virus. 
    • Workers employed in the hospitality, tourist, or service industries who may face financial difficulty as consumer activity slows.
    • Children in low-income households who may lose access to needed daily nutrition if schools close.
    • Low-income families who cannot afford to stock up on supplies prior to sheltering in place
    What We’re Doing
    Trained Volunteers
    As part of its disaster preparedness initiative, the Foodbank graduated about 50 CERT-trained staff, volunteers and nonprofit partners last month, who will be ready to support any emergency measures needed to support community nutritional health.

    Increased Food Distributions
    We are preparing to open 20 to 25 additional emergency food distribution sites to make healthy groceries and fresh produce accessible at the neighborhood level.

    Changed Distribution Methods
    To minimize risk of community transmission, we will implement rigorous protocols such as providing disposable protective gloves to all volunteers and recipients and integrating social distancing so that attendees can pick up food without being within 6 feet of each other, possibly by implementing an appointment system or drive-thru pick-up options.

    In the case of the Foodbank’s Brown Bag program for seniors, social distancing would include additional home deliveries to address the higher risk to persons over 70 of severe infections.

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