• Free COVID-19 Online Training

    Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 in the Workplace
    Providing education on infection control and workplace safety measures for your employees isn't just the right thing to do — it's a requirement.

    This is an awareness level training designed to inform workers about how to protect themselves and co-workers from exposure to the virus.

    These materials were developed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Worker Training Program, National Clearinghouse for Worker Safety and Health Training.

    We thank NIEHS for sharing these tools, and are happy to bring them to you.
    Available course:
    • Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 In the Workplace

    Lessons Included:

    • Introduction to COVID-19 Response Training

    • COVID-19 Basics

    • Assessing COVID-19 Workplace Exposure Potential

    • Methods to Prevent COVID-19 in the Workplace
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