• Good News to Share: Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Expresses Gratitude for Outpouring of Community Support

    Hospital staff wants the many local businesses that have shown support to know it was appreciated

    CENTRAL COAST, CA – May 2, 2020 – Arroyo Grande Community Hospital employees continue to be humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support received during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospital staff took the time to make homemade made signs to show their support for the many organizations and local companies that have rallied around them during this time. The appreciative group came together for a group photo in front of the hospital to show their gratitude. 

    “We want our community to know how grateful we are for the support they’ve shown during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Amber Rogers, Senior Director of Patient Care Services. “The generosity is heartwarming. We are so proud to care for this community.”

    Please see the attached document for details on the donations received by Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.