• Good News to Share: Dignity Health Physician Helps Make Life Easier during Pandemic for Patient with Rare & Advanced Cancer

    CENTRAL COAST, CA – April 27, 2020 – J.T. Link, MD, at Dignity Health’s SLO Oncology and Hematology Health Center has opened doors for his patient with a rare cancer to receive a unique treatment locally, saving her hours of driving and stress every week.   

    The patient, a Paso Robles woman, has advanced and inoperable cholongiocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer in her bile duct. She is the first in the world to be accepted into the “PROOF” Clinical Trial at the University of Southern California which is evaluating an investigational medication to treat this rare disease. The problem is that she has to make the several hour drive to Los Angeles on a weekly basis for the 5 hour infusion of this special alternative chemotherapy. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, her Oncologist, Dr. J.T. Link reached out to the physicians involved with the “PROOF” clinical trial and they’ve agreed to collaborate and let her be treated at Dignity Health’s infusion center in San Luis Obispo instead.  

    Dr. Link says, “I want our patients to have access to advanced cancer treatments during the viral pandemic. If I can help make that happen, I am happy to go the extra mile.”
    His patient says she is filled with hope, “I had no idea that this could even be an option. I’m so thankful for Dr. Link going out of his way to get my treatment approved here locally.  If this trial works, it could give me what I need to hold my cancer at bay and ideally make me eligible for a liver transplant.” 

    If any member of the media would like to interview Dr. Link and his patient, please contact Sara San Juan at 805-739-3574.