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    Statics show that small businesses employ about 51% of the workforce, those small businesses range from 500 to 2 employees, and serve their local communities well.
    We hear the phrase ‘Shop Local’ and we know it’s important, but do we truly understand how shopping local enriches our community?
    Small business is the driving force of our country and our local economy. Small businesses fill our brick & mortar buildings, hire our residents and give back to the local community in ways of services, supporting many different community organizations such as sports, affiliation leagues and non-profits.  They are our neighbors in the communities we live in.
    Santa Maria has a unique mix of businesses and opportunities, we are known as a regional hub housing the large-scale corporate companies and retailers to those smaller businesses of the ‘mom and pop’ shops offering many services, flavors and experiences.
    In addition to supporting our neighbors, when purchasing and dining in our community our sales tax paid supports our city services, such as fire, police, parks, roads, infrastructure and schools.  Every time we spend our hard earned dollars in Santa Maria we contribute to the ability for further police, fire, healthier schools and beautiful parks and landscaping throughout our community, all while supporting our neighbors and their employment locally to enrich their lives.
    With such a regional draw we have a large workforce available of around 45,000 individuals, with the top industries by jobs being 8,000 jobs in Retail, Health Care and Social Services of 6,700 jobs, Accommodations and Food Services of 4,000 jobs, and education having about 4,000 jobs.  Our Central Coast has approximately another 50,000 Agricultural farm type workforce.
    When you take a look at our area, and you look at our median household income of almost $70,000, and median household expenditures of $58,000 proving that a good amount of dollars come back into our local economy supporting our workforce, generated sales taxes revenue for city services and the overall quality of life in the Santa Maria Region being enjoyable and affordable compared to other California cities.
    Shopping local is a full circle effect on our community, enabling us to enrich the community, city services, help our neighbors and bring about the quality of life so many of us enjoy. 
    Santa Maria is truly a hidden gem, and is ripe for all things local with a bright future of more greatness to come. With Small Business Saturday coming up on November 24th and the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to remember to shop local, support our local business community and keep your money in our own community. By buying local in Santa Maria, you are contributing to keeping our local economy strong!

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