• Lifelong Nutrition And Fitness: Who needs a chill pill right about now?

    “These are challenging and stressful times.” Who hasn’t heard or said these very words the past 8 weeks? COVID is EVERYWHERE! The news. Commercials, The internet. Social media. I don’t know about your but it has been driving me a bit crazy. 

    Right now, more than ever, people want to know how they can improve their health and immune system. To help you, I’ve attached 2 resources. The first is a tool to evaluate if you are getting enough magnesium, a nutrient your body needs to manage stress better and relax. The second is an ebook outlining techniques & tips to help you feel less stressed. 

    I'd love it if, once you complete the evaluation, you called me at 805.743.4078 or emailed me to set up a time to discuss your results. Don't forget to email me your evaluation answers. 

    More helpful tips and resources during this time may be found HERE.