• LSMV Explores Media and Tech During April Topic Day

    Do you know how many advertisements we are exposed to through media in one day? According to Ed Carcarey, we see and/or hear approximately five to seven thousand every day. The rules of advertising vary depending on the form of media being used; however, there are four laws in advertising that are constant: know your ideal customer, have consistency, establish your frequency, and have a unique message. Throughout his career, Carcarey has observed many companies claiming their customer service is “the best”. However, he explained that those claims do not set a business apart, and no media advertiser can share their unique appeal to consumers by advertising their “great” customer service. In order for advertising and media agencies such as Carcarey’s Emerald Wave Media or Mega 97.1 to successfully promote a business, the business must be able to identify what sets them apart and who their ideal customer is.

    Carcary set the tone for an immersive and educational deay for Leadership Santa Maria Valley as they explored Media and Technology during their April topic day.

    After listening to Ed Carcarey, the class learned what sets CoastHills apart: the way they combine technology and attention to detail to prevent fraudulent charges. CoastHills has dedicated staffing that works to prevent fraud from occurring in their members’ accounts. Algorithms are in place to evaluate each transaction and provide it with a score to determine whether your account has been compromised. Should that algorithm ever determine a transaction to possibly be fraudulent, the transaction is blocked and a specialist calls the member to confirm.

    “As a leader, do not ask someone to do something you would not do yourself.” Don McMonagle, former astronaut, veteran of three shuttle flights, and current Program Manager for the USAF Launch and Test Range Systems Integrated Support Contract within RGNext, provided the class with a motivational speech based on his experiences with various leadership styles. A company with good leadership must be constructively critical. In order for you to succeed within a company as a leader, your values must align with that of the company. Finally, a good leader must be able to understand and care about the perspective of his/her team.

    Technology has had an enormous impact on media itself. What makes the Santa Maria Times unique is that it has the only printing press on the central coast. In addition to the publicly available printed newspapers, there are the digital news articles that you can access through the Santa Maria Times phone app with different tiers of membership. Another couple of changes with the use of technology are the increased capacity for live interactions and the way reporters are using social media to report local news and updating their stories in real time as information is made available to them.

    The Orcutt Academy High School robotics program presented their latest robotics projects for participation in FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. The team had several different teams consisting of approximately 40 students, who had various leadership responsibilities including, but not limited to, fundraising, mechanical, electrical, accounting, software, and outreach. All of these teams work together to participate in annual, worldwide competitions, where they could qualify for a “world’s” competition. The team is provided with an objective that is performed within a competitive game. In six weeks, the team must design and build a robot that will earn them as many points as possible.

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