• Marian Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Residents Perform Sports Physicals on Local Public High School Athletes

    With COVID-19 precautions in place, resident physicians to perform physicals to help ready 
    high school athletes for return to athletic programs

    SANTA MARIA, CA – September 16, 2020 – For the past four years, resident physicians from Marian Regional Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program have been performing free sports physicals as a service to local athletes. Due to COVID-19, sports programs were all but cancelled, but with programs resuming locally next week, the resident physicians are providing physicals to local high school students early this week.  

    Each year, between 600 and 800 sports physicals are performed on local athletes by Marian’s resident physicians. Family Medicine Center Resident Physicians collaborate with the high school athletic trainers and directors to facilitate the physicals, which are necessary in order to compete. 

     “Typically, students come to the Family Medicine Center at Marian Regional Medical Center to obtain their physical,” says Family Medicine Residency Program Director Willard Chung, MD. “We want to provide this service to our community athletes in a safe and effective way, so we instead opted to perform the physicals at the school sites to ensure they received the medical attention needed to resume their sports programs.” 

    In order to protect the safety of the students, their family members, and the physicians, this year’s physicals will be done in a different manner. With nine rows of cars allowing for safe social distancing, students will be able to step out of their cars and evaluated by a resident. 

    The Marian Family Medicine Residency Program is a three-year post-graduate program for physicians. By establishing a family medicine residency program, the hospital could provide the educational opportunities and patient experiences necessary to produce outstanding family medicine physicians and meet the critical need to continue adding family physicians in our region and throughout the nation.

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