• Neighborhood Street Improvement Project

    May 18, 2020
    Neighborhood Street Improvement Project 
    Drivers are advised that temporary, short delays will occur in various Santa Maria neighborhood streets beginning today and continuing through the end of September.
    The first phase of this road project includes various concrete repairs including repair of sidewalks, curb and gutter, cross-gutters and ramps.  Following the concrete work will be asphalt paving work that includes the dig out and repair of failed asphalt areas, removal of existing traffic striping, grinding of the edges of the existing pavement, the placement of hot mix asphalt overlay, and then re-establishment of traffic striping.
    The City is contracting with CalPortland Construction to perform this $2.8 million project funded by gas tax and SB-1 gas tax dollars.  Approximately 600,000-square-feet of roadway will be treated which is about three centerline miles of streets.
    The streets that are part of the overlay project include:
    S. Depot Street from Battles Road to Stowell Road
    Pine Street from W. Grant Street to W. Monroe Street
    Barrington Drive from W.Gaylene Drive to W. Creston Street
    W. Creston Street from N. Western Avenue to N. Railroad Avenue
    Las Flores Way from S. Superior to S. Railroad Avenue
    S. Superior Street from W. Camino Colegio to W. Liberty Street
    Pershing Street from S. Superior Street to S. Railroad Avenue
    Mariposa Way from S. Superior Street to S. Railroad Avenue
    S. Lucas Drive from E. Orange Street to E. Boone Street
    N. Curryer Street from W. Fesler Street to W. Main Street
    Farrell Drive from Palisade Drive to E. Jones Street
    Estes Drive from Farrell Drive to Marilyn Way
    Marilyn Way from Palisade Drive to Marian Drive
    Marian Drive from Palisade Drive to E. Jones Street
    A thin maintenance overlay is a substantial surface treatment consisting of hot mix asphalt that is designed to replace the surface of severely distressed, paved roadways.  The overlay treatment is forecast to last 10-12 years.
    The contractor will post construction notices along streets with the dates and times when parking will be prohibited.  Traffic and parking on surrounding streets will be impacted by the project while work is being performed.
    The driving public may experience delays during construction.  It is recommended to use alternate routes whenever possible to avoid delays and minimize the inconveniences to motorists and residents.
    City staff strongly recommends that drivers obey all temporary construction signs and reduce driving speeds in construction areas.  Driving on the treated roadway surface before the contractor opens the roadway to traffic can result in damage to the surface treatment as well as a vehicle.  
    Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division at (805) 925-0951 extension 2225.