• New Library Catalog Makes Searching Easier

    October 1, 2021
    New Library Catalog Makes Searching Easier 

    The City of Santa Maria Public Library is launching a new online library catalog on Monday, October 4th. The new catalog, presented by Aspen Discovery, will make searching, browsing, and borrowing Library materials even easier. With the implementation of Aspen Discovery, patrons may view the Library’s entire collection, including downloadable media, in one place.  

    Aspen Discovery offers several new features, including, the option to browse new menu genres for all ages, such as New Fiction, Available Now eBooks, and Libros Nuevos en Español. By clicking on the Ask Us button, patrons may ask a Librarian a question, and receive a response via email. 

    The new catalog searches and showcases the Library’s available databases and local resources. For example, when “veteran” is entered into the search bar, the search results will populate with resources from Veterans Connect, as well as other veterans’ materials. Aspen Discovery also gives patrons an opportunity to submit recommendations for purchase, by using the Suggest a Purchase feature. 

    Questions may be directed to the Santa Maria Public Library, (805) 925-0994 extension 2514.