• Other Local Companies Lending A Hand During COVID-19

    As the need for PPE has greatly increased during COVID-19, many local companies are doing what they can to help meet this need.

    Hardy Diagnostics will be the exclusive distributor in the US for an antibody test (Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Test) that can show whether a person has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, and whether or not they show lasting immunity to the disease. The test is currently getting FDA emergency use authorization and is has a tentative shipping date of May 15th. 

    Additionally, Hardy Diagnostics has ramped up their production of Viral Transport Medium, which is used to transport specimens for testing of diseases including COVID-19. Demand for this transport medium has greatly increased, and Hardy recently received a $30 million dollar order from state of California for this transport medium. Hardy Diagnostics also continues to supply a wide variety of other PPE produced by trusted companies they have worked with over the years. Learn more about all of these products at hardydiagnostics.com

    Safran Cabin is a local manufacturing company who typically focuses on making interior parts for airplanes. Recently, they have stepped up to manufacture COVID-19 PPE products. They have been assisting with a variety of items including making test kits, as well as repairing masks for local healthcare workers.

    Poor Richard's Press, a printing company in Santa Maria, used their embroidery department to assist with refurbishing 170,000 N95 masks that were given to the local hospital but needed their straps repaired. Not only did this help local healthcare workers get much needed PPE, it also enabled the company to bring furloughed workers back to work.