• Pawsitive News Helpful Resources for Pet Owners (June 2022)

    Good News
    Five-year-old Zoe’s family brought her into the Santa Maria Clinic because she was urinating blood. The medical team discovered a large bladder stone while palpating her abdomen. Zoe was quickly scheduled for surgery to remove the painful stone. The procedure was a success, and Zoe went home the same day! Her family reported that she immediately felt much more comfortable. They continued her on pain medications and antibiotics while she healed

    A microchip is a piece of technology the size of a grain of rice that is implanted in the scruff of an animal’s shoulder blades. Each one contains a unique identification number that an owner registers into the national database with their contact information. Now is a good time to ensure your pet is nmicrochipped and your information is updated because more pets go missing on July 4 than on any other day of the year. Fireworks can be scary, so keep your pets inside and ensure they have their collars and tags on. And if your frightened pet does manage to get out, a microchip could help you reunite. Make an appointment at sbhumane.org/clinic to learn more.

    My name is Sweet Pea and I'm a seven-year-old female Domestic Shorthair. My buddy Snowball is a 10-year-old female Siamese mix. We are bonded best friends looking for a family that has room in their heart and home for both of us. I love food, attention, and cuddling. My gal Snowball is pretty shy, but with time and patience, I guarantee we will both win you over. If you are looking for a dynamic duo of senior sweetness, please email adopt@sbhumane.org to meet us!

    Spanish-Speaking Friends or Family?

    Spanish-speaking staff is available at both campuses and the website can be translated with one click on the top right corner.

    Here for You

    Santa Barbara Humane offers high-quality, affordable medical care, dog training, and adoption through its two campuses in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. All services are by appointment only from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Limited financial assistance is available. 

    Make an appointment at www.sbhumane.org or call 805-964-4777 to reach either campus.