• Pawsitive News Helpful Resources for Pet Owners (October 2022)

    Good News
    Though Watson faced pain and adversity in his past, he now has only healing, hope, and love in
    his future thanks to community support. After this five-year-old Shih Tzu was found disoriented and circling in the street, he was transferred to Santa Barbara Humane to get the care he needed. Staff named him Watson and noted he was “in bad shape” as an unclaimed stray; he reeked of ammonia, he did not know how to eat from bowls or climb into a dog bed, and he bumped into things. The medical team identified a severe heart murmur and two debilitating eye conditions. Watson was gently bathed and his eyes were surgically removed to ease his pain. Watson showered everyone with snuggles and sweetness at the shelter and, a few weeks later, he found a loving home!

    One-year-old adoptable kitty Pearl thinks it’s important to do what makes your soul happy.

    So, what makes Pearl's soul happy? Well, long luxurious naps for one. And lots of gentle pets on the head and chin. Pearl is a mellow girl with a sweet disposition, but she isn't afraid to let you know what she does and does not like. She is hoping to find a home without young children where she can enjoy plenty of cuddles on her own terms. Are you interested in bringing this sweet cat into your family?

    Email adopt@sbhumane.org today!

    Reactive Rover
    Is your dog easily riled up by other dogs, sounds, objects, or situations? Check out the Reactive Rover class through Santa Barbara Humane’s affordable dog training program. Certified trainers can help address your dog’s unwanted behavior while in the presence of dogs, strangers, sounds, and other triggers that cause your dog to vocalize or feel anxious or threatened. Visit sbhumane.org/training to learn more and sign up.

    Here for You 
    Santa Barbara Humane offers high-quality, affordable medical care, dog training, and adoption through its two campuses in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. Most services are by appointment only from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. Financial assistance is available for those that qualify.

    Make an appointment at www.sbhumane.org or call 805-964-4777 to reach either campus.