• Prepare for Steady Rain and Wind

    January 26, 2021
    Prepare for Steady Rain and Wind

    The City of Santa Maria is anticipating steady rains and strong winds beginning this evening and into Friday, according to the National Weather Service. The City encourages residents and businesses to take steps to prepare, and once the rain starts, residents should consider staying home when possible.

    Various City departments are working together in preparation. The topography of Santa Maria lends itself to being susceptible to flooding with its flat landscape and limited areas for water to flow away. Trained and experienced City staff are cleaning out debris from storm drain inlets. Starting tonight, crews will be ready to respond to downed trees.

    Sand for sandbags has been set aside at five locations: Suey Crossing, the 2000 block of Western, the City Public Works Yard at 830 West Cypress (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.), on West Carmen Lane just west of Depot Street, and on San Ysidro Street west of Miller Street. The County of Santa Barbara has sand and bags available at 912 West Foster Road with a limit of 25 bags per person. Go to www.cityofsantamaria.org/sand for more information and a video on how to properly fill sandbags.

    Residents are also encouraged to prepare in advance of any storm by having adequate supplies of food, water, and medicine for everyone in the household, including pets. Residents also should consider checking their emergency kits to make sure it is stocked with batteries that work, flashlights, water, food, first aid kits and other items.

    To receive updates from the City, go to www.cityofsantamaria.org or follow the City on Twitter at https://twitter.com/City_SantaMaria.