• Shaklee Distributors - J & J Colegrove: Shaklee Talks Heart Health

    February is HEART Month. And Shaklee has a video addressing things we can each do to  support a healthy heart…. and health in general as well…

    Shaklee’s own Heather Chastain presents facts about heart disease—and what Shaklee can help you do about it—in this 13 minute video. You can watch Heather’s talk at www.Shaklee.tv/heart-health-chat

    Along with great information about heart health in general, are facts about several of Shaklee’s outstanding products, quality, testing and programs.

    For example did you know that Identical twins Mark and Scott Kelly, both NASA Astronauts, who use Shaklee Nutritional products, are the subjects of comparative physiological-mental-medical      studies of the effects of one twin living in zero gravity on the International Space Station for a year, while the other twin remained earth-bound  - both daily using Shaklee nutritional products.  

    Stayed tuned for TBD Specials Shaklee will Offer in February 

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