• Sidewalk and Tree Project along Broadway

    May 12, 2020
    Sidewalk and Tree Project along Broadway

    Sidewalk improvements along South Broadway (Highway 135) are about 75 percent done. The City is working with property owners to plant replacement trees of a different species that are less invasive.

    The project consists of removing and replacing damaged curb, gutter, and sidewalk from Cook Street to Stowell Road.

    The approximately $221,500 project began in mid-April and is scheduled for completion by early June. Funding is provided by Measure A, the local half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements on alternative transportation facilities including pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

    There are 48 trees in the project area that damaged concrete, and approximately 20 trees had to be removed.  The City’s Recreation and Parks Department is utilizing grant funds and working with individual property owners on plant replacement trees that are of a less-invasive species. Citywide, so far the grant funded planting of 400 of 500 trees.

    Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians may experience inconveniences during construction. The City is closely coordinating with Caltrans and the contractors, V. Lopez Jr. and Sons and West Coast Arborists, during the project.

    Questions may be directed to the Public information Manager at (805) 925-0951 extension 2372.