• Southern California Gas Company Applauds State-Wide Support of Balanced Energy Policies

    Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) recently recognized more than 100 local governments across Southern California, representing approximately 6.75 million Californians, that have passed resolutions in support of affordable and balanced strategies to reduce emissions from buildings and that call on state policymakers to preserve consumers’ ability to choose either natural gas or electric appliances for their homes and businesses. Governments in the Santa Maria/Northern Santa Barbara Country region were included in this long list of areas supporting balanced energy policies.

    These resolutions were passed in response to concerns state policymakers are taking steps to prohibit the use of natural gas in new buildings. State energy regulators are actively considering calls for new regulations that would eliminate natural gas use in new buildings and have also proposed programs that would result in existing natural gas customers paying for all-electric retrofits to existing homes.

    “In order to reach California’s carbon neutral vision, an inclusive approach is needed – one that is technology and energy neutral, welcomes all ideas, encourages and allows for innovation and factors in costs and affordability for energy, that is ultimately paid for by the customer,” Explained Tim Mahoney, Public Affairs Manager for Southern California Gas Company. We recently sat down with Tim to talk more about the importance of balanced energy policies.

    Why is it important for California to make balanced energy policies a priority? 
    There is no one single energy path that will enable the state to reduce greenhouse gas emission and reach climate goals. Having a balanced energy policy provides clean, affordable and reliable power to residents. For the customer, having energy choices meets the diverse needs of residents, particularly the most vulnerable and those living on low or fixed incomes.  

    How will a balanced energy policy positively affect local business? 
    Balanced Energy means flexibility, choice and options for local businesses. The more choices the more affordability. Balanced energy also promotes new technologies such as Renewable Natural Gas and Power to Gas and the hydrogen economy.

    What recommendations do you have for the local business community to help keep energy costs down? 
    SoCalGas has many energy efficiency programs, as well as incentives and rebates programs for businesses. Contact Tim Mahoney 805-681-7930 or Frank Mateo 805-681-8012 or www.socalgas.com

    Any additional thoughts? 
    Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from landfills/dumps, sewer/wastewater plants and dairies continues to play an important role in out sustainable clean energy future by reducing waste and capturing emissions that would normally go into the atmosphere. Likewise RNG utilizes current infrastructure and captures carbon.

    You can read the full press release put out by SoCalGas by visiting www.santamaria.com/news.