• Upgrades at Santa Maria Community Television

    September 2, 2020
    Upgrades at Santa Maria Community Television

    Santa Maria Community Television, channels 23-24-25 on Comcast Cable, announces that all three channels are now being web streamed 24 hours a day on its website, www.smctv.tv. This allows viewers from outside of Comcast’s Santa Maria/Orcutt service area to access SMCTV programming via computers and smartphones in real time. Limited video-on-demand programming is also available at the website, where viewers can access selected programs at any time of day, in addition to their scheduled cable-cast times.

    These new services are a result of the City of Santa Maria’s recent investment in upgrades to its video distribution equipment, which provides better video resolution and upgraded community bulletin board graphics.  A local, self-updating weather report is now featured, as well as downloads of NASA TV, and Classical Arts Showcase on the Education Channel 24. SMCTV continues to provide live coverage of City Council and Planning Commission meetings, as well as producing numerous Public Service Announcements in support of City and nonprofit events and services.

    Since 2004, Santa Maria Community Television has provided resources for local residents, community groups, schools, and government agencies to facilitate sharing non-commercial programming in the Santa Maria/Orcutt area.  With three channels, one each dedicated to Public, Education and Government, SMCTV provides a voice and a vision on TV for local residents, supported by fees from Comcast Cable.

    Questions may be directed to Alan Sutterfield, Production Manager/Santa Maria Community TV, (805) 925-0951 extension 2501.