• Visit Santa Maria Valley Unveils Global Launch of The Swirl Machine During California Wine Month

    The Santa Maria Valley Chamber &Visitors Bureau announces its worldwide product launch of The Swirl Machine, an interactive, digital-meets-the-real-world machine that swirls Santa Maria Valley wine into a digital piece of art.

    The Santa Maria Valley Swirl Machine opened to the public on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 10 a.m. PST, and will stay open 24-hours-a-day for a limited time. Users can visit SantaMariaValley.com/Swirl to register and participate for free. Users will be entered in a queue until it is their turn. The Swill Machine will allow users to select their “Fill Level” and “Swirl Speed” which will activate a glass of Pinot Noir—one of the Santa Maria Valley’s flagship varietals—which is filled to the desired amount and spun at the selected speed, all happening in real-time.

    The glass then splashes the wine onto a piece of paper, creating a work of original Santa Maria Style spill art. Every swirl and spill will be unique to each individual user. The experience features a live-streamed feed of the machine working so that users can watch others’ swirls as well as their own.

    That art is then converted into a digita l file, which users can save and share. Users also receive a “Swirl-sonailty” profile based on their swirl settings and swirl art. Both the swirl art and the Swirl-sonality profile can be shared across one’s various social media channels.

    “We’re inviting users to connect with the Santa Maria Valley brand in a lasting and meaningful way—to experience the art of Santa Maria Style for themselves,” said Jennifer Harrison, director of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber & Visitors Bureau. “We welcome people to experience our wine region in a fun and different way during California Wine Month. We want to show our guests how welcoming and unpretentious the Santa Maria Valley is. We call it Santa Maria Style.”

    The Swirl Machine was built by KPS3, a full-service marketing and digital communications agency in Reno, Nev., who is also Visit Santa Maria Valley’s marketing and communications agency. A combination of hardware and software solutions were customized to create the Swirl Machine to enable swirlers the ability to watch their custom #SantaMariaStyle art come to life.