• Why You Should Become Energy Efficient Before Going Solar

    While going solar eliminates many energy concerns, the best approach is to become as energy efficient as possible before transitioning to solar. 

    It costs less to save energy than it does to produce energy. When you reduce energy use, you also reduce the size of the photovoltaic equipment needed to provide energy for your home or office. 

    The money you save may impact the financial decision as to when and if you want to transition to solar.

    There are a number of ways to tackle your energy use. Most energy is used to operate fixtures and appliances. However, unchecked habits and practices contributes to it as well. The good news is that improving the way you use energy doesn’t cost anything and has no downside.

     Our Central Coast climate is mild compared to many other areas of California. If you have air conditioning, make sure that it is set at a reasonable temperature. Adjust your heating to save energy and still be comfortable. Programmable thermostats are great to control heating and air conditioning. 

    Lighting is a big energy user and one of the easiest to fix. Most people know that LED lights save energy because it eliminates heat, and the heat is makes incandescent lighting so wasteful.

    Older appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, HVAC equipment, washers and dryers should be replaced with new, energy efficient models.

    Installing timers and motion detectors in certain areas can automatically turn off lights and equipment. This is especially true in restrooms and in offices. This can contribute to considerable energy savings.

    Habits, such as turning off lights, TV’s, coffee makers and other appliances when you are not at home or in the office should become second nature.

    Always check your energy bill for spikes in energy use. Both PG&E and Southern California Gas have websites where you can sign up to monitor it. 
    Altogether, a focused effort to become more energy efficient will reduce the energy that you use. 

    If you decide to go solar, your energy saving efforts will reduce the size and scope of the solar equipment that you need to purchase for your home and office.