• World Financial Group, The Altergott Strategic Focus Team: Healthy Financial Habits

    Consistency is essential for anything and the key to consistency is habit:  Healthy money habits are the same way; they open up a whole new world of financial fitness! Here are a few great habits you can start today.

    Begin with a budget: Developing a budgeting habit is foundational. Consistently seeing where your money is going gives you the power to see what needs to change.  Notice in your budget that fast food may be hogging your paycheck? Budgeting allows you to see how it’s holding you back and figure out a solution to the problem.

    Pay yourself first: Once you’re budgeting regularly, you will start to see who ends up with your money at the end of the day.  One of the best habits you can establish is making sure you pay yourself by saving instead of spending first.  Put part of your money into a saving account as soon as you get paid.  A simple shift in mindset that can make a big difference!

    Automate everything:  Have your paycheck automatically deposited in your savings account.  Making as much of your savings automatic helps make saving much easier to have healthy financial habits if everything happens seamlessly and with as little effort as possible.

    Healthy financial habits may not seem big.  Sometimes those little victories can make a big difference over the span of several years.

    Naomi Altergott
    Financial Professional
    World Financial Group/Altergott Strategic Focus