• Business Recovery & Reopening Toolkit

  • As our community begins to recover from COVID-19, we recognize the new set of challenges local businesses and organizations face as they begin to reopen and adjust to the "new normal". Below are some resources for businesses and employees to help navigate the recovery and reopening process while continuing to adhere to public health and safety guidelines.

    Looking for additional COVID-19 resources? Visit our resource page.

    If your business needs additional assistance you can fill out our business assistance form and a staff member will connect with you.

  • Recovery & Reopening: FAQ's

  • Is my business eligible to reopen? Is my business eligible to reopen?

    Santa Barbara County has issue their RISE (Reopening in Safe Environment) Guide as county guidance in addition to guidance issued by the State. On August 28th, the State of California switched to a tiered framework for monitoring COVID-19 cases & reopening businesses, monitored by county.

    As of September 29th, Santa Barbara County falls into the red tier: Substantial. Additional information on what this means can be found HERE. The County's Health Officer Order on moving to the red tier can be found here.

    • Ready to reopen? Here is the step by step process for reopening in Santa Barbara County, as well as the self-attestation form to fill out: English 
    • Information on statewide reopening, and where the state is at in the reopening process: English  Spanish
    • Wondering what the guidelines are for your business to safely reopen? Industry-specific guidance set by the state: English
    • To support implementation of the roadmap for phased reopening, a localized supplemental guide has been produced for Santa Barbara County: English
    • The latest updates from the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, including local health orders outlining which sectors of business can reopen, can be found here: English
    • The Santa Barbara County Chambers of Commerce held a Business Briefing: Update on New Statewide COVID-19 Tiers and Business Openings Webinar on Wednesday, September 2nd. The webinar featured Nancy Anderson - Assistant County Executive Officer, County of Santa Barbara. Nancy provided a business briefing on the updated statewide COVID-19 tiers and what this means for businesses and reopening. Click here to view the webinar.

    What does my business need to to do to reopen safely? What does my business need to to do to reopen safely?

    All businesses who are eligible to reopen (and those currently open) must follow the reopening process outlined by Santa Barbara County, which can be found HERE.

    Here are some additional resources:

    • The Sate of California has released reopening guidelines by industry: English  Spanish
    • The State of California has released an "Employer Playbook" to assist with a safe reopening: English
    • The City of Santa Maria is offering a number of reopening allowances/modifications, including expanding outdoor seating areas:    English  Spanish
    • The County of Santa Barbara is offering a No-Fee Encroachment Permit for Unincorporated areas to expand their outdoor seating areas:  English  Spanish
    • The CDC offers a number of resources on how to keep employees and customers safe including ongoing mitigation strategies, worker safety and support resources, and more: English   Spanish
    • Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health has released guidance on how to prepare for and respond to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the workplace. English
    • If an employee does test positive for COVID-19, the Santa Barbara County Health Department has provided guidance on home isolation and quarantine for the infected individuals, as well as quarantine information for their close contacts, family and caregivers. English
    • The Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health has resources on keeping the workplace safe and clean, social distancing signs, workplace readiness checklists and more: English
    • The State of California has launched their "Wear a Mask" Campaign and has a number of resources available:
    • Interim business operation guidance by industry (OSHA) English  Spanish
    • Here is a list of locally sourced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers, including face masks, hand sanitizer and other items:  English  Spanish
    • Employment FAQ's (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)  English    Spanish
    • Charity Governance During COVID-19 Pandemic

    My business has safely reopened and I want to let the community know. My business has safely reopened and I want to let the community know.

    I'm out of work. What jobs are available locally? I'm out of work. What jobs are available locally?

    My business needs more employees. Where can I post job openings? My business needs more employees. Where can I post job openings?

    Businesses can post job availability on Santa Barbara County's Economic Recovery Page by emailing COVIDbiz@countyofsb.org and include the following information:

    • Your company name,
    • how to apply (if online or in person, please include your website and/or physical address),
    • and if possible, the type(s) of jobs

    If you are a Chamber member you can add your job postings on our Chamber website through your member login account. Any questions, email info@santamaria.com.

  • Building a Resilient Santa Maria: COVID-19 Response Strategies

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented threat to public health and the economy. While there are many questions still outstanding around the next steps and impacts related to COVID-19, discussions are starting in earnest about how we reopen our businesses and public life in a manner that is both safe and begins the process of recovery.

    Recovery – and ultimately, resilience - will require substantial collaboration, communication, innovation and grit.  Below we outline the steps our community needs to take, and the role the Chamber and City of Santa Maria will play, as we move toward the thriving economy that we all are eager to see again. We anticipate this plan to evolve as conditions warrant, learning happens, and resources are identified.

  • Relief Relief

    • Connect businesses with essential information and assistance to enable them to weather the immediate disruption until an eventual reopening
    • Maintain and encourage as much economic activity as possible within constraints of public health and business process disruption

    Reopening Reopening

    • Support protocols that allow for localized re-openings where conditions meet specified criteria
    • Provide clarity to businesses about rules/conditions for reopening and operating, including allowed options, continuing restrictions, etc.
    • Support businesses in their re-opening process and communication

    Recovery & Reinvention Recovery & Reinvention

    • Ensure businesses are aware of, and have access to, non-traditional forms of capital and financial support (e.g. grants, stimulus, etc.)
    • Expand access to training and technical support
    • Facilitate local economic activity (b2b, b2c, public investment, etc.)
    • Identify and advocate for public policy and procedural changes to facilitate business activity
    • Support businesses in re-hiring and/or replacing workers who do not return to work
    • Support businesses in their redesign of business processes, product offerings, customer interfaces, etc.

    Resilience Resilience

    • Ensure community participates in, and benefits from, regional efforts to identify new opportunities to expand economy and/or mitigate areas of weakness
    • Develop and implement long-term economic growth strategies
    • Address pre-existing constraints (e.g. housing, higher education, collaboratives, etc.)
    • Support long-term business resiliency strategies
    • Capitalize, and build on, increased community support/collaboration evidenced during crisis