• Annual Awards

  • The Santa Maria Valley Annual Awards event brings Chamber members together to salute our annual honorees, to reflect on the past year, and to look forward to the coming year. Awards presented at each banquet include the Large and Small Businesses of the Year, Robert P. Hatch Citizen of the Year, and Robert F. Grogan Public Service Award.

    Our 2018 Annual Awards Show event will take place September 13th at the Marian Theatre on Allan Hancock College's campus. Stay tuned for additional details!

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  • Nominate a Business or Community Member

  • Each year, the Chamber of Commerce takes pride in recognizing individuals and businesses in our community who truly represent what is best about our community. The Chamber’s Annual Awards program serves as an opportunity for us to identify those who have gone above and beyond in helping to ensure that Santa Maria continues to be the premier community in our region in which to live and work.

    We appreciate your help in bringing to our attention local businesses and citizens who deserve consideration for one of these awards. Please provide as much information as you can; this form will serve as the starting point for the Awards Committee as they consider their selections for the year. All nominations must be received by the Chamber of Commerce no later than July 1, 2018. Awards will be presented at the Chamber’s Annual Awards Banquet on September 13, 2018.

    Note: Both third-party and self-nominations are acceptable and welcomed.

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