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  • Chamber members receive a variety of benefits through our affiliate programs with other members. Please note you must be a Chamber member to take advantages of the discounts and promotions mentioned below.

  • CalChamber Harassment Prevention Training CalChamber Harassment Prevention Training

    New laws require that businesses with five or more employees provide sexual harassment prevention training by January 1, 2020. The Chamber has partnered with the California Chamber of Commerce to provide Chamber members with access to harassment prevention training at a 20% discount.

    CalChamber's program makes it easy to effectively train employees and meet your compliance obligations. The interactive online courses are affordable, easy to manage, and hassle-free to set up through their helpful customer support specialists. HR managers can purchase training for each employee, assign it to each employee by email and manage which employees have completed the training.

    Features of the program include:

    • Interactive learning through scenarios, quizzes and more
    • Option to take the self-paced course in English or Spanish
    • Can be used on desktops, tablets, and most smartphones
    • Tracked learner progress (start and stop at any time)
    • Countdown timer tracks 2-hour supervisor and 1-hour employee requirements

    (Please note that discount will be taken at checkout.)

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