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  • Agriculture Agriculture

    Agriculture is one of the major economic factors in the region offering many jobs and bringing some stability to the region. Grown crops coming from the Santa Maria region are Strawberries, Grapes, Broccoli, Head Lettuce, Avocados, Cauliflower, Celery, leaf lettuce and flowers. The overall value of these crops produce over 1.4 billion annually and continues to climb each year. Review report of Economic Contributions of Agriculture and a report on Agricultural Production.

    Economic Development Commission Economic Development Commission

    The Economic Development Commission is compiled of stakeholders within the community facing issues and challenges together for the betterment of the Economic long term viability of the region. 

    Santa Maria Valley Economic Development Commission 2018 Mid-Year Report

    Tours & Forums
    The Economic Development Commission organizes and hosts industry tours and other forums that raise awareness of industry in Santa Maria. Our tours have included many of Santa Maria’s top employers. They are very popular and fill up quickly.

    There is no cost for the industry tours, however you must RSVP at register@santamaria.com or call (805) 925-2403 x 812.

    Learn more about industry tours

    Education Education

    The Santa Maria region is flourishing in educational resources! Having many preschools, 3 unified school districts, with many elementary schools, junior high and high schools along with charter schools and private schools to choose from.  We are home to Business Colleges, and Alan Hancock Community College Campus in town.

    Higher Education

    Alan Hancock Community College
    Brandman University Academic Centers
    Laurus College
    Santa Barbara Business College

    Elementary – High School

    Santa Maria-Bonita School District
    Orcutt Union School District
    Santa Maria Joint Union High School District
    Santa Barbara County Education Office

    Healthcare Healthcare

    Santa Maria Valley is home to Marian Regional Medical Center along with 3 urgent care centers and several convalescent hospitals, while being surrounded within an hour of  3 other Regional Hospitals.

    Marian Regional Medical  Center
    1400 E Church Street  Santa Maria CA 93455   (805) 739-3000 

    Med Plus Central Coast
    2271 South Depot Street  Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805) 922-0561 

    Industrial Medical Group
    3070 Skyway Drive #106   Santa Maria, CA 93455  (805) 922-8282 

    Marian Urgent Care Center 
    505 Plaza Drive  Santa Maria, CA 93454  (805) 739-3211 

    Labor / Workforce / Employers Labor / Workforce / Employers

    The Santa Maria Valley is diverse in the many different companies while continuing to maintain our primary industry of a manufacturing base with a significant amount of agriculture. With Vandenberg Air Force base being one of the largest employers in the region, they play a significant role in the region’s economy employing over 6,000 individuals. Other larger employers range from Healthcare, Education, and Retail. Santa Maria is a resource full of well-trained, skilled and capable workforce. 

    Feb 2017 Labor Market Report by WDB
    State of California Labor Market Information
    Santa Barbara County & City information available here

    Real Estate Real Estate

    Housing Market

    Affordable Housing in Santa Maria

    Commercial Real Estate Market

    Brought to you by our Partners at Pacifica Commercial Realty, compiled from the available data at the time, information may be subject to change.

    Santa Maria Industrial Update 4th Quarter

    2016 1st Quarter Update

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  • Location Location

    The Santa Maria Valley is conveniently located 75 miles north of Santa Barbara, 170 miles north of Los Angeles and 270 miles south of San Francisco at the intersection of California State Highway 101 and Highway 166. With an elevation of 206 feet, Santa Maria’s incorporated area encompasses roughly 21 square miles. An adopted sphere of influence extends its geographic reach by 24 square miles.

    Transportation Transportation

    Santa Maria’s transportation grid consists of being connected by California State Highway 101 and Highway 166, with State highway 154 located 20 miles south.

    Train Services provided by:

    Amtrak Station out of Guadalupe has Northbound & Southbound routes are available. (800) 872-7245

    Bus Services are provided by:

    Greyhound Bus (805) 925-8841 located in Santa Maria at 400 E Boone Street

    City of Santa Maria Area Transit Services within Santa Maria and Orcutt

    The Breeze Bus (800) 417-2137 Santa Maria to Solvang/Santa Maria to Vandenberg and Lompoc

    Clean Air Express Bus (805) 692-1902 Santa Maria to Goleta thru to Santa Barbara

    Regional Transit Authority link to http://www.slorta.org/ (805) 541-2228 San Luis Obispo to Santa Maria/Orcutt and San Luis Obispo to San Miguel or San Simeon

    Air Service provided by: The Santa Maria Public Airport with flight services from Allegiant Air (702) 505-8888

    Climate Climate

    Santa Maria enjoys favorable climate all year around. Learn More

    Population Population

    City of Santa Maria: 107,048

    Santa Maria Valley: 164,792 (Includes the unincorporated area of Orcutt, Guadalupe, Sisquoc, and Casmalia.)

    Local News Agencies Local News Agencies

  • Santa Barbara County Related Data

  • UCSB Onshore Oil Industry Study UCSB Onshore Oil Industry Study

    The Onshore Oil Industry provides for a significant annual economic impact in local jobs and revenue. 

    According to the UCSB Economic Forecast Project’s Economic Impact Study published in September of 2013:       


    • For every barrel of oil produced, there is $142 in total economic benefit. 
    • Onshore oil provides over 1,900 local, high paying, career jobs. 
    • The overall economic impact is between $291 million and $402 million annually. 
    • The County of Santa Barbara benefits with a substantial amount of tax revenue from the industry. 
    • Local schools also receive a considerable amount of funding. 

    View the whole report