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  • The Santa Barbara County Energy Watch Partnership is a program designed to promote and implement energy efficiency in government, businesses, school districts and special districts. It is funded by Southern California Gas, and the program is administered by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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    How successful has the program been?

    Recently, the program has transitioned from electrification to focusing on natural gas and renewable natural gas in collaboration with Southern California Gas Company. Historically the program has seen enormous success.

    Since 2010, the Partnership has helped over 450 businesses and organizations in northern Santa Barbara County save on energy and reduce their costs. Altogether, the energy savings from upgrading the energy efficiency of businesses (over 15,149,746 kWh annually) is enough to power 1,386 homes. In addition, the average business savings is $4,761 in energy costs per year! Now THAT is helping local businesses while saving energy.

    Here’s how the savings breaks out per participating city and in the unincorporated area of northern Santa Barbara County:

    • Santa Maria: Over 330 businesses = 7,693,733 kWh = enough savings to power 703 homes.
    • Buellton: Over 22 businesses = 459,185 kWh = enough savings to power 42 homes.
    • Solvang: Over 39 businesses = 5,327,165 kWh = enough savings to power 487 homes.
    • Guadalupe: Over 21 businesses = 432,910 kWh = enough savings to power 40 homes.
    • Northern Santa Barbara County: Over 36 businesses = 1,236,753 kWH = enough savings to power 113 homes.

    In addition, the Partnership has upgraded municipal buildings in Santa Maria, Guadalupe, Solvang, Buellton, and in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County.

    Municipal and jurisdictional energy upgrades:

    122 projects = 2,307,292 kWh = over $324,866 in taxpayer savings = enough savings to power 211 homes.

    Energy Watch Partners Energy Watch Partners

    The Santa Barbara County Energy Watch Partnership consists of:

    The Partnership is administered by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.

    Contact Information Contact Information

    Dave Cross, Program Manager
    Mobile: (805) 680-5016

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