• Hosting a Ribbon Cutting

  • Your ribbon cutting is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your business with current and prospective clients, family members and the community. It is up to you to make the ribbon cutting as BIG or as SUCCESSFUL as you like – only you can leverage it to its full potential.

    Event Promotion

    Unless you explicitly inform us your ribbon cutting will be a private/by invitation only event, the Chamber will provide the following promotion:

    • Invite Chamber Members, local dignitaries and local media to ribbon cutting via email
    • Ribbon cutting event information published on Chamber Events Calendar and Facebook page
    • Event information published on Chamber News webpage
    • Event information promoted through Chamber email blasts

    You are encouraged to submit your own flyer for this promotion via email to molly@santamaria.com at least two weeks prior to the event. Please note that we may begin promoting the event up to two weeks out, and may do so without a flyer from you. If you are unable to provide a flyer we would just ask you provide your business logo along with any details of the event to encourage people to attend. 

    During the Ribbon Cutting

    • The Chamber will photograph the event and images will be published on our social media platforms, and featured in our monthly Chamber Connection newsletter.
    • Additionally, we offer the opportunity for businesses to do a short video interview during your ribbon cutting event. Businesses who would like to do the interview will be given 60 seconds on camera to talk about their business. The video will be edited and posted to the Chamber's social media platforms. (Only businesses new to the Chamber are eligible for a video interview. Not applicable for those who are celebrating an anniversary, new location, etc.)

    After the Ribbon Cutting

    Your business will receive the following promotion after your ribbon cutting has taken place:

    • Photos published in our monthly Chamber Connection newsletter, which is mailed to all Chamber members and inserted into the Santa Maria Times newspaper
    • Photos published on Facebook and Instagram
    • Video published on Facebook (only if your business has a video interview during the event)

    Tips for a Successful Ribbon Cutting


    • Chamber Ambassadors will attend your ribbon cutting, and will help to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.
    • Your are welcome (and encouraged!) to invite anyone to your ribbon cutting, including current clients, prospective clients, suppliers, family members and friends, office neighbors, etc.

    Food & Beverage

    • Drinks and snacks are a great way to keep people socializing at your business, building relationships and facilitating networking.
    • Food and range from simple crackers/appetizers with soft drinks, wine and beer, desserts, catered options or whatever you choose!


    The only scheduled activities are signing the ribbon, cutting it, a photograph and video interview. Additional activities at your ribbon cutting could include:

    • Discussing your business & providing a tour
    • Introducing staff members, suppliers
    • Showing samples of your work

    Most importantly, have fun with your ribbon cutting! It's a great opportunity to showcase & celebrate your business with the local community. Questions about planning your ribbon cutting can be directed to Membership Manager Cara Martinez at (805) 925-2403 x852 or cara@santamaria.com.