• Creating our Legacy: Legacy Community Trail
    Leadership Santa Maria Valley Class of 2019 Legacy Project

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  • The Leadership Santa Maria Valley Class of 2019 is setting out to create the Legacy Community Trail

    Right now, there is a dirt lot in the middle of Santa Maria. Near housing, this dirt lot attracts trash rather than traffic, and the Leadership Santa Maria Valley Class of 2019 wants to change that. As part of the year-long program, the class will develop the land into a walking trail that will cater to the local home and business owners, dog walkers, runners, or those who just want to get outside. An ambitious project, the class is relying on help from the community to make this project live up to its name, the Legacy Community Trail.

    Located on Carmen Lane between Blosser and the train tracks, Legacy Community Trail is a 4.6-acre parcel that the Leadership Santa Maria Valley Class is developing for its Legacy Project. After LSMV funds the planning, develops the foundation and infrastructure and installs 1,300 linear feet of finished walking path, the open space will be maintained by the City of Santa Maria for continued development. Plans include native landscaping, a demonstration fruit orchard and a community garden where residents can reserve space to grow their own plants and vegetables. It’s ideal for an area where quite a bit of high-density residential development has gone up in recent years.

    The Leadership Santa Maria Valley Class of 2019 is excited to leave their legacy through creating a public space the whole community can enjoy!

    CLICK HERE to view the design plans for Legacy Community Trail.

    Legacy Community Trail in the News!

    We recently broke ground on Legacy Community Trail! You can read about it in our Press Release, and be sure to check out the coverage on KSBY too! Follow us on Facebook for more project updates.




  • Donate to the 2019 LSMV Legacy Community Trail

    To bring the Legacy Community Trail to fruition, we need YOUR help! Whether financial donations, in-kind materials and labor, or interest in volunteering- any support helps! CLICK HERE for sponsorship information.

    Financial donations can be made in the link below. Interested in making an in-kind donation? Need additional information on the Legacy Community Trail? Contact Heather Kunkle at fundraising.leadership2019@gmail.com or call (805) 350-3021.

  • Thank you to our Sponsors!

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