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    American Veterans United

    American Veterans United


    Non-Profit - Community

    About Us

    We are committed to work with veterans and our active duty military that served or are currently serving in a combat or non-combat status from all US military service branches and with their families. Our primary efforts are focused towards obtaining benefits working with the Veterans Administration (VA), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and California Department of Veterans Affairs (CALVET).

    We also help and support community Veteran Centers in Sepulveda, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Bakersfield, Our mission is ''to help other veterans obtain the benefits they have earned and deserve through their military service to our country''. Many veterans are simply unaware of the compensation and health care available to them. These benefits can be life changing, and sometimes life saving, for a veteran and their family.

    AVU has the actual experience of walking thousands of veterans through the VA process to get the benefits they have earned and deserve. As a result, we have established a unique presence and reputation with the Veterans Administration. This helps our veteran members go through the process as seamlessly as possible. Where necessary, we coordinate transportation needs for our members to enable them to make the VA appointments.

    AVU conducts regular informational meetings and hosts social events that are designed to help veterans and their families understand the various procedures, policies and laws that can affect them. We support the local communities in which we operate through our hardship and scholarship programs.

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